Pleasurable independence

A system for first-class enjoyment. An idea of individual convenience. A companion to make your day something special again and again.
Welcome to K-fee.

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Quality in every capsule

Whether Espresso, Lungo or Cappuccino - K-fee offers you extraordinary and high quality hot beverages in a capsule

Design Accessories

Enjoyable K-fee® moments deserve the finest accessories. Here you can choose among stylish design sets made of high-quality glass and precious bone china porcelain.

Discover our special Slow Roast Coffee for your very own moments of pleasure.

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Cleaning Products

For the perfect hygiene in your capsule machine we recommend our K-fee cleaning products. The comprehensive care of your capsule machine with the help of cleaning caspules, descaler and liquid cleaner ensures a long-lasting high coffee quality.


Pleasurable independence

A system for first-class enjoyment. An idea of individual convenience. A companion to make your day something special again and again. Welcome to K-fee®.

K-fee – a modern aesthetic and supreme coffee enjoyment

First-class coffee is always the result of high-quality beans, carefully selected and prepared in a unique and individual way. K-fee capsule machines offer just that. In addition to their ideal, multi-faceted design, coffee capsule machines from K-fee offer intelligent solutions for unique coffee enjoyment with the best aroma. Discover the leading capsule technology of K-fee and enjoy the exceptional flavour of fresh coffee with the finest milk foam, an aromatic espresso or a rich tea. A creamy and soothing chocolatte (chocolate and coffee blend) completes the extensive range of speciality coffees, which has something for every taste.

Capsule machines: excellent capsule machines for supreme coffee enjoyment

K-fee coffee capsules provide coffee of an extraordinary standard – the perfect complement the modern, elegant and stylish design of its high-quality coffee capsule machines. Be it for breakfast in the morning, coffee at lunchtime or a relaxing tea in the evening, your K-fee capsule machine guarantees coffee or tea of superior quality as well as fantastic handling. The sophisticated capsule system from K-fee offers a wonderful variety of high-end drinks. Treat yourself to a moment of aromatic coffee enjoyment at the push of a button. Each capsule machine from K-fee stands for intelligent capsule technology. The full potential of each capsule is extracted every time a drink is prepared, quickly resulting in the finest flavour, a highly exclusive character and outstanding quality.

Capsules: quality in every capsule

By using K-fee coffee capsules, you are making the choice of professionals. Coffee varieties made from carefully selected ingredients, gently processed using cutting-edge technology, guarantee superior quality in every capsule as well as a unique moment of pleasure in every cup of coffee, tea or chocolatte.

Design: which capsule machine is right for you?

K-fee attaches great importance to the simple, modern and stylish design of its coffee capsule machines. This is consistent with a meticulous approach to processing coffee and the resulting first-rate flavour. The pleasant, modern and harmonious design of the capsule machines was confirmed by a panel of experts and a Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

Accessories: high-quality accessories

When it comes to accessories for coffee lovers, K-fee offers some exclusive and extraordinary ideas. The combination of different materials, such as double-walled borosilicate glass and traditional bone china, is an expression of simple elegance as well as innovative style and pleasant functionality.

The enjoyment of K-fee capsule creations with our selected accessories results in a perfect synergy. If you care about design and want to embellish your home with carefully selected details, we offer just what you are looking for.

Cleaning products

In collaboration with professional partners, we have developed a range of cleaning and care products especially for K-fee capsule machines. These are easy to use and guarantee the longevity of your coffee machine while ensuring the same high level of enjoyment.

Having been specially refined to suit K-fee capsule machines, this range makes it possible to descale, clean and care for your coffee machine in a thorough yet gentle manner.