The FAVORA accessory range

Our selection of accessories will complete your enjoyment of our K-fee coffee, tea, espresso and hot chocolate capsule creations. If you love design and want to embellish your home with choice details, we can offer just what you are looking for. From cups to entire service sets and from recipes to coffee cups, fill your shopping basket with wonderful products inspired by the pleasure of coffee and tea. The Espresso & Aqua professional set is an impressive example that embodies sophisticated design. Admire the attractive combination of double-walled borosilicate glass and traditional bone china – what better way to perfect every moment of enjoyment? There are also striking two-tone saucers made of melamine, a robust and sophisticated material that also stands out for its high heat resistance. Here you can find the perfect gifts, accessories and items to send to others as well as accessories to customise your own home.

FAVORA porcelain sets

Elegance meets a modern spirit with this precious Favora porcelain set, creating an aesthetic that turns even the shortest break from everyday life into a beautiful celebration. The double-walled bone china offers impressive heat-retention properties, while saucers made of the same sophisticated porcelain ensure a harmonious overall appearance. This valuable set is perfectly rounded off by high-quality spoons with a discreetly embossed K-fee logo. Simple yet elegant accessories make it possible to enjoy your coffee in even more ways.

FAVORA glass sets
Unique moments of pleasure deserve extraordinary accessories. Take, for example, our high-quality Favora glass sets, which offer countless benefits for the perfect moment. With resistant, double-walled borosilicate glass, they represent a choice for long-lasting quality – a feature that can also be showcased in very fine taste on the two-tone melamine saucers. Shapely spoons with an embossed K-fee logo complete this harmonious set. Round off your tea enjoyment with a high-quality item whose appealing design reinforces the delicate aroma while establishing an elegant link to your exclusive K-fee capsule machine.