Lungo porcelain set

Select an appealing companion piece for cappuccino, cocoa, chai latte or café au lait – one in which these delicacies feel like they are in especially good hands. The cream-coloured porcelain set Lungo with matching saucers provide are ideally qualified for this task and feature a double-walled bone china. This deeply traditional material is popular due to its sturdiness and impresses with a high quality that you can feel immediately. As with all elements of the porcelain collection, the fine contours of the vessels and their structured shapes play a major role. In combination with the double-walled design, the material features a state-of-the-art thermal function that conventional bone china cannot provide. The set is completed by shapely stainless steel spoons with the K-fee® logo. The Lungo porcelain set is also especially thermally resistant, hygienic and suitable for both dishwashers and microwave ovens.


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