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At K-fee  it’s all about the perfect taste. And a consistent coffee taste requires regular care of your capsule machine. Sounds expensive? No worries! It is completely simple and quick to do. Ensure perfect hygiene even in the smallest corners of your machine with our tips. 


Did you know that it takes about 35 freshly picked coffee beans to fill a coffee capsule with 8 g of roast coffee? An impressive number – especially considering that the coffee beans were harvested by the pickers almost exclusively by hand. It may require a large amount of time and effort, but it also guarantees the high quality of our K-fee® capsules. It’s a real manual task.


For many people, the perfect start to the day is enjoying a coffee speciality prepared with their K-fee capsule machine. However, who discovered coffee originally, and how?

K-fee capsule adapter

You own a Dolce Gusto®* capsule machine but do not want to limit yourself to the currently available range of capsules? Then the new K-fee capsule adapter is the perfect solution for you.

* Trademark of a third party with which we have no association.


Capsule for capsule, K-fee offers you a fascinating taste experience. However, where exactly are those regions and how is coffee actually farmed?