K-fee® C200

The compact one

Concentrated power: The C200 inspires with its rich variety of beverages – from coffee to tea to milk creations. As it requires little space, the state-of-the-art capsule machine is especially predestined for confined spaces. When more cups need to be filled, the unit is also an excellent supplement to the C250FM, the two models working together to form an intelligent dual solution.

Its operation is so simple that it requires no instruction. A single press of a button suffices to serve – the device takes care of the rest with its automatic brewing unit. After each brewing process, the capsule is ejected. To prevent contamination. The outlet chamber and the brewing chamber are flushed through regularly. This eliminates any residue from the previous serving. Whether espresso follows caffeine-free coffee or a strong chocolate follows a mild tea: You will always get the perfect beverage! 

And when the enjoyment is over? The C200 takes care of the cleaning for you. Fully automatically. The system even sees to the optimum dosing of the cleaning substances. This saves you time – time you can devote to more productive activities. 

Additional features

  • Extensive variety of beverages; 4 beverage buttons
  • Capsules with guaranteed freshness thanks to ultrasonic sealing – for enduring high quality
  • Intuitive operation via display with up to 8 language settings
  • Water tank with capacity of 4 litres
  • Capsules container for 30 capsules
  • Optional fixed water connection
  • Two-level cup rest
  • Illuminated cup outlet

Ideal areas of application: Smaller hotels and restaurants, foyers and offices – even in confined spaces. Suitable for up to 50 servings per day.

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