K-fee® C200 TEA

The Tea Expert

Developed for unique tea enjoyment: The C200TEA combines special technologiesfor optimum tea preparation. To guarantee that the special aroma of the sensitive blends unfolds to perfection.

The innovative capsule system for professional use features an integrated water filter. This reduces both the calcium content of the water and substances that affect the taste. The high-quality K-fee® tea specialities are infused at their ideal brewing temperatures – e.g. green tea at only 80°C.

The brewing time is also adjusted exactly to the specific teas. The duration and intervals of the water flow vary accordingly. The patented brewing system vigorously bathes the ultrasonically sealed capsules with the tempered water. As a result, the tea is ready to enjoy much more quickly than with conventional tea bag brewing. Pamper your guests in record time with deliciously fresh tea! 

Additional features

  • 4 specific beverage selection buttons with the ideal temperatures for the different tea types (black tea, green tea, fruit and herbal tea, tea latte)
  • Intuitive operation via display with language setting (up to 8 languages)
  • Automatic capsule ejection
  • Convenient cleaning with innovative cleaning capsule
  • Water tank with capacity of 4 litres
  • Capsules container for 30 capsules
  • Two-level cup rest
  • Illuminated cup outlet
  • Optional fixed water connection

Ideal areas of application: Smaller hotels and restaurants, foyers and offices – even in confined spaces.

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