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Capsule adapter starter pack
Capsule adapter starter pack
Capsule adapter starter pack
Capsule adapter starter pack
Capsule adapter starter pack


Capsule adapter starter pack

The adapter for greater variety with your Dolce Gusto®* machine
•    One adapter for your Dolce Gusto®* machine
•    Starter pack, including ten ESPRESTO® capsules
•    Makes your Dolce Gusto®* capsule machine compatible with these (and other) capsules:
•    K-fee ESPRESTO and Mr & Mrs Mill
•    Aldi Süd EXPRESSI®
•    Teekanne Tealounge
•    Certified by TÜV Rheinland
•    Made in Germany

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Dolce Gusto®* compatible pods? What you really need is a pod adapter If you ever wondered... more
Product information Capsule adapter starter pack

Dolce Gusto®* compatible pods? What you really need is a pod adapter

If you ever wondered what other pods fit your Dolce Gusto®* machine here we have a really clever alternative for you: the capsule adapter from K-fee. With the K-fee capsule adapter for Dolce Gusto®* machines, you can expand your beverage selection with all capsules from brands that are compatible with the K-fee system. You don’t need to hunt for Dolce Gusto®* pods offers anymore! Whether you love espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, filter coffee, or even tea, hot chocolate and chai latte, with the capsule adapter you can enjoy numerous delicious, premium and affordable beverage varieties. The adapter is high-quality, certified by TÜV Rheinland and very easy to use.

The easy way to make pods compatible with Dolce Gusto®*

  1. Take a fresh capsule of any K-fee system brand (e.g. ESPRESTO)
  2. Insert capsule in the adapter with short, firm pressure and once inserted give it another short push so that the capsule gets entirely punched.
  3. Insert the filled capsule adapter in your Dolce Gusto®* machine just like a normal Dolce Gusto®* pod
  4. Set the cup capacity as usual, start the brewing process and enjoy your beverage!
  5. Remove the adapter with the capsule and remove the capsule. For great taste over and over again, rinse the adapter briefly.

The starter pack: start with 10 capsules

This product includes a single unit of the K-fee capsule adapter for Dolce Gusto®* machines plus 10 ESPRESTO® capsules: 2 capsules ESPRESTO Ritmo (lungo), 2 capsules ESPRESTO Furioso (espresso), 2 capsules ESPRESTO Passionato (espresso), 2 capsules ESPRESTO Decaffeinato (decaf espresso), 2 capsules ESPRESTO English Breakfast Tea (black tea).

Tested quality, made in Germany

Designed, developed and made in Germany: The capsule adapter is manufactured in Germany from high-quality materials. TÜV Rheinland has tested and successfully certified the capsule adapter. The basic principle of the adapter: The classic Dolce Gusto®* capsules are relatively large. The capsules of the K-fee system are a little smaller and have a different shape. The adapter evens out the differences in size and shape so that the brewing process can proceed as usual.

With choice comes joy

With the adapter you can use all capsules of the K-fee capsule system in your Dolce Gusto®* machine. Coffee capsules of the K-fee system can be recognized by the red K-fee logo on the capsule lid. Brand partners who use the K-fee system platform include:

K-fee ESPRESTO®, K-fee Mr & Mrs Mill, Starbucks® VERISMO®, JAVA®, Aldi Süd EXPRESSI®, Arvid Nordquist® OneCup, Paulig® Cupsolo, TEALOUNGE SYSTEM by Teekanne and others …

Our tip: Many fans of the adapter are now using 2 units, because you can prepare 2 drinks in a row faster. This is ideal for families and offices. It is worth considering ordering a second adapter straightaway.

You enjoy K-fee pods? Think about a K-fee machine!

Are you considering buying a new capsule machine? Then we recommend the wide variety of K-fee machines. Be inspired and convinced by great design, comfort and technology.

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