The model show

At K-fee® everything revolves around taste. And as tastes differ, as everyone knows, we offer a huge variety – and not only of capsules: We also offer an impressive range of machines. Each of them has its very own, stylish character. What distinguishes them all, however, is their high technical standard, one which guarantees coffee shop quality and comfortable operation.


Which one will be your favourite?

Coffee shop quality in every model.

Individual designs with top operating comfort

Some say: They're only machines. We say: True, but K-fee® capsule machines are associated with the finest emotions. For this very reason, we think each and every one should be something very special. Special in their technology, intuitive and easy to use and individual in the way they look. The combination of all of these parameters to form a harmonious whole make our capsule machines highly valued companions entrusted with the most precious moments of pleasure of the day.

Little works of art that being enjoyment to your home.

K-fee® capsule machines are technologically elegant sculptures that round off a nice atmosphere in an invitingly stylish way. Whether puristic or pop, classically elegant or futuristic: All K-fee® models do justice to any design requirement thanks to the strikingly beautiful variety of their stylistic language. The exciting compositions made with high-quality materials and the artistically refined use of precious metals or trendy colours endow each model with its own entirely specific character.

An original signature style of K-fee.

For us design is primarily a form of communication. The interaction of human and machine is therefore in the focus of our interest whenever we design and develop a new machine architecture. This entails that the everyday, ritual use of the device guarantees a high level of user comfort and accessibility and reveals a practically oriented aesthetic to match these needs. Successfully combined, this constitutes the unmistakable K-fee® signature style with a design language apparent in every device.

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