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At K-fee® everything revolves around taste. And as tastes differ, as everyone knows, we offer a huge variety – and not only of capsules: We also offer an impressive range of machines. Each of them has its very own, stylish character. What distinguishes them all, however, is their high technical standard, one which guarantees coffee shop quality and comfortable operation.


Which one will be your favourite?

Coffee shop quality in every model.

Individual designs with top operating comfort

Modern K-fee capsule machines for coffee

Look forward to your favourite drinks – including coffee, tea, espresso and latte macchiato – as well as a technically outstanding coffee capsule machine that you will continue to use in the future. Once you’ve found your preferred capsule machine, you’ll soon see for yourself how easy it is to use this sophisticated technology to make every type of coffee. Simple capsules are transformed into a unique coffee treat with a delicious crema. Take the time to find out all about capsule machine, from the pump pressure and water tank to heating times, automatic switch-off feature, coffee varieties and the capsule system.

Your K-fee capsule machine:
individual designs meets first-rate convenience for fresh coffee

Some people say that a capsule machine is a capsule machine. We would not disagree, but capsule machines from K-fee are associated with the most wonderful emotions and supreme coffee enjoyment. For that reason, we believe that every capsule machine should be special. This is particularly true with respect to the technology – intuitive and convenient to use with an individual appearance. When all of these factors form a harmonious whole, our capsule machines become valued companions that are responsible for delicious moments of pleasure throughout the day. Thanks to these coffee capsule machines, a simple capsule is transformed into speciality coffees such as espresso or café crème. There are also cappuccino capsules from K-fee as well as soothing tea capsules to make your dreams come true. With milk capsules, the capsule machine can prepare latte macchiato, too!

Miniature works of art that bring enjoyment home

K-fee capsule machines are technologically sophisticated pieces that round off a beautiful atmosphere in an inviting and stylish fashion. From minimalistic to loud and trendy, and from classically elegant to futuristic – all K-fee models meet every design requirement with striking beauty and a rich diversity of design. Exciting combinations of high-quality materials and the jewel-like use of premium metal or contemporary colours give each capsule machine its very own character. Each capsule machine differs in terms of pump pressure, water tank, heating time, automatic switch-off, capsule system or milk frother. K-fee also provides online operating instructions for your capsule machine.

A unique design touch by K-fee

For us, design is primarily communication. For that reason, the interaction between people and machines is at the heart of every concept and the development of new machine architecture. It is understood that everyday, routine handling of the capsule and the device provide a high level of convenience, ensuring good accessibility and a practical aesthetic. All this is brought together in the unmistakable signature of K-fee, which is expressed by a clear design for each machine – irrespective of the water tank, pump pressure, heating time or automatic switch-off feature.

The right capsules for every type of coffee

Our capsules create a wonderful taste experience for every type of coffee. There are capsules for coffee of different intensity as well as espresso capsules. K-fee capsules for cappuccino, tea or chocolatte (a chocolate and coffee blend) deliver a wonderful treat for the taste b

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