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Versatile and elegant
A captivating art deco design that offers greater flexibility and convenience as well as simultaneous use by different people thanks to four programmable drink buttons.


  • Luxury capsule machine with an art deco design
  • Five buttons (Small cup, Medium cup, Large cup, Milk, Rinse)
  • Descaling reminder and descaling programme
  • Removable water tank (1 litre)
  • Additional drip tray for espresso cups
  • Automatic capsule ejection (up to ten capsules)

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Compatible with EXPRESSI® capsules from Aldi Süd
A first step into luxury The K-fee EMPIRE is a capsule machine with luxurious features –... more
Product details K-fee Empire

A first step into luxury
The K-fee EMPIRE is a capsule machine with luxurious features – and a very sophisticated art deco design. Of course, the EMPIRE creates magnificent hot drinks from K-fee capsules, and it has several more convenient options than lower-priced models. It is ideal for families, offices and anyone who wants to enjoy the K-fee range in all its variety. Unlike models such as the Wave, it has four drink buttons rather than the usual three. The additional button is for an ‘extra-large cup’, perhaps for filter coffee or tea. At the same time, the EMPIRE has a water hardness setting that enables the machine to recognise when it needs to be descaled.

A new take on art deco
Design and architecture are subject to trends. Some fashions become timeless. This is true of an era that began in the 1920s and still shapes our sense of style and taste today: art deco. The designers of the K-fee EMPIRE , for example, took their inspiration from the art deco movement when creating the side panels and using chrome-plated parts – or more precisely from a sub-style called ‘streamline moderne’. Many people associate this style with the United States, but it originally comes from Germany.

The ‘four drink button’ class
Four programmable buttons for drinks, offering greater flexibility. Ready for your family’s favourite cups or in the office, with a height of up to 15 cm: ‘Small cup’ (30–100 ml), ‘Large cup’ (80–200 ml), ‘Extra-large cup’ (100–240 ml), ‘Milk’ (65–130 ml). For instance, set ‘large cup’ to 110 ml for a lungo and ‘extra-large cup’ to 220 ml for English breakfast tea.

Quality in every detail
When you take the K-fee Empire out of its box, you will be surprised by the high-quality details. The top lever is not glossy lacquered plastic – it is chrome plated. The spout is also chrome plated. This creates a deep, sophisticated shine that is difficult to achieve even with polished stainless steel. A real highlight!

More compact than its sister models
At first glance, the K-fee EMPIRE looks very similar to the K-fee WAVE. However, its depth is 1.9 cm less (28 cm), and it is 1.8 cm shorter (36 cm). The width is identical at just 15 cm. It is quite incredible that, despite these more compact dimensions, it has more buttons and more features (and yes, it costs more).

Three elegant colour combinations
With the EMPIRE , you can choose from three colour combinations: the side panels come in ‘Silver’ (shiny silver), ‘Titanium’ (a shiny, darker metal look) or ‘Soft Touch Blue’ (matt blue). The central part is always black, while the spout and lever are chrome plated and the cup tray is made of stainless steel.

A unique high-pressure system
All K-fee capsule machines build pump pressure of up to 19 bar. When used with patented K-fee capsules (and excellent capsule content), this creates the legendary crema of espresso and lungo drinks. For tea and filter coffee, people do not want a crema. These capsules therefore have a different internal design that allows much less pressure.

Reduced temperature for milk drinks
The milk button has a special function, reducing the brewing temperature to 65ºC. Depending on their type, milk capsules create delicious milk foam for cappuccino, latte macchiato or chai latte as well as the basis for white coffee or chocolatte.

Warming up cups? Use the rinse button!
Why does an espresso in a coffee shop taste so good? It is because the cups are preheated. A tip for extra enjoyment: with K-fee capsule machines, you can also warm up your cup to the perfect temperature. Simply place the under the spout and wait for the automatic rinse or press the rinse button. The warm water will warm up the cup – then wait a short moment, pour away the contents and use the cup for your coffee.

The key features – standard on all K-fee machines Pump pressure of up to 19 bar – always... more
Additional Information

The key features – standard on all K-fee machines

  • Pump pressure of up to 19 bar – always
  • Descaling programme – always – and optional water filter
  • Warm-up time of around 15 seconds – always
  • Removable water tank – always
  • Illuminated buttons – always
  • Programmable cup fill volumes – always
  • Automatic switch-off feature – always
  • Compatible with all capsules from K-fee – always

Technical data

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 360 x 150 x 280 mm
  • Pump pressure of up to 19 bar
  • Weight approx. 3.8 kg
  • Cable length 1 metre
  • Energy efficiency class A+
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