An everyday luxury: capsule machines

A coffee capsule machine is part of a modern, urban lifestyle these days. K-fee capsule machines combine high-quality design and functionality: they have a stunning design and also score highly for simple operation and uncomplicated cleaning. As a result, conventional coffee machines have already become redundant in many households. A capsule machine offers not only coffee at the push of a button, but a wide range of specialities from espresso and cappuccino to latte macchiato. You can even make tea and hot chocolate. To this end, K-fee provides a wide range of capsules that allow you to prepare coffee in accordance with your personal taste. Naturally, K-fee capsule machines have been designed to include an automatic switch-off feature and a removable water tank. 
There are many machines on the market that make coffee, using capsule technology. However, K-fee capsules and capsule machines have been created with handling, machine quality and, most importantly, coffee enjoyment as top priorities.

Compared to filter coffee machines, which are designed to make large quantities of freshly brewed coffee, capsule machines specialise in producing high-quality single portions of various speciality coffees (from strong to mild, with or without milk) as well as decaffeinated coffee. The aim is to prepare the chosen drink to a superior standard, fresh and with the perfect crema – be it a café crème, espresso or latte macchiato. To achieve this, coffee capsule machines (in contrast to coffee pad machines) work at a high pressure, much like a conventional espresso machine. The powerful pumps in K-fee machines are fed by the water tank and generate a pressure of up to 19 bar, guaranteeing supreme coffee enjoyment in line with the best espresso tradition. Meticulously developed by our K-fee experts, MR & MRS MILL and ESPRESTO capsules meet high standards and deliver coffee of exceptional quality. A programmable automatic switch-off feature and a removable water tank are just two of the many advantages offered by K-fee capsule machines.

Why not buy a K-fee capsule machine for your own four walls and convince yourself of the unique quality of this multi-beverage system? We offer different models for normal and frequent use. Of course, all K-fee capsules are compatible with all of our capsule machines. For normal domestic use, we recommend the Wave or Preferenza coffee machines. For frequent users and offices, where much more coffee is consumed, we recommend the Grande capsule machine. Compare our range of capsule machines and find the right coffee machine for your needs.

Buy an affordable capsule machine from K-fee and enjoy high-quality coffee compositions at the push of a button.