Fascinating international coffees and espressos. Fine, highly exclusive blends of outstanding quality. Enjoy the rich coffee house quality of K-fee.


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You can taste the high quality standards of K-fee. Capsule by capsule, cup by cup. Discover our fine teas today.

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The variety in the ESPRESTO capsule range will satisfy any craving.



Coffee capsules

Capsules for all varieties of coffee, tea and chocolate drinks from K-fee are produced with the greatest care and precision. Our standards are based on many years of experience in capsule technology, combined with a passionate commitment to offer the best coffee products. Every K-fee capsule contains a perfect moment of sophisticated pleasure – sheer indulgence at the push of a button. Using the capsules is child’s play, and each one seals in the aroma thanks to state-of-the-art technology. This means you can prepare and enjoy fresh drinks of supreme quality every day. Coffee capsules from K-fee are the professional choice when it comes to coffee enjoyment.

Tea capsules

Capsule by capsule, you can also experience the full range of flavours with tea capsules from K-fee. Using the very finest tea plants, we have created a range of teas for you that reveal their high quality from the very first sip. Start your day with an invigorating cup of aromatic tea. See yourself through the day with a selection of tea creations. Alternatively, round off your evening with a soothing tea. Tea varieties from K-fee stand for daily enjoyment as well as well-being and vitality. Consideration to nature combined with the wealth of experience at K-fee result in a unique tea production process with results you can enjoy. From black tea to herbal tea or fruit infusions, trust yourself and your own good taste. Discover the speciality teas from K-fee for yourself.

Capsules for chocolate, cappuccino and espresso

The coffee shop quality of K-fee can be found not only in coffee and tea capsules, but also in our popular and cappuccino capsules. The fine aroma of our hot cocoa is appreciated all over the world just as much as the seductive creaminess of our cappuccino and the full-bodied flavour of our espressos. All of these K-fee specialties are the outcome of carefully selected ingredients and stand out for their exclusive character and exceptional quality.