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ESPRESTO and MR & MRS MILL capsules: great variety for your K-fee capsule machine

Would you like Italian coffee quality at the push of a button from your coffee machine? It couldn’t be easier with capsules for coffee, espresso and tea – all perfectly tailored to the K-fee system. MR & MRS MILL and ESPRESTO offer a wide variety of coffee and tea blends in capsule form. Do you enjoy café crème or are you the kind of person who prefers a strong espresso? Perhaps you love tea? Our coffee experts have also created popular combinations with milk such as latte macchiato and cappuccino in affordable coffee and tea capsules. Each capsule contains the particular highly aromatic enjoyment of K-fee.

We only use high-quality green coffee, all of which is selected with the greatest attention to detail. The coffee in our MR & MRS MILL and ESPRESTO capsules comes from a variety of growing regions around the world, including arabica beans from Africa, Asia, and South and Central America as well as washed Asian robusta beans. As a result, you can choose from a variety of blends with beans from different growing areas. We also pay attention to sustainable production. This applies to our coffee as well as our tea. We use fair trade products in our hot chocolate drinks. Our coffee is gently drum-roasted over a long time. This allows a wonderfully multifaceted aroma to develop. After roasting, the beans are ground and the coffee is immediately packed in a controlled atmosphere. The aroma is fully preserved because our 100-gram coffee capsules are carefully checked one by one. When the coffee is brewed in your capsule machine, you are essentially using freshly ground coffee. Why not sample some MR & MRS MILL or ESPRESTO capsules in your K-fee capsule machine and see for yourself how unique and enjoyable these compositions are.

Our soothing tea combines elements of well-being, vitality and pleasure. The best conditions are secured even during cultivation. As a result, our K-fee tea capsules release the finest aromas from subtropical and tropical mountain regions. They transform tea from a simple hot drink to sheer delight.

All MR & MRS MILL and ESPRESTO capsules are fully compatible with the entire range of capsule machines from K-fee System. You can tell whether coffee, tea and hot chocolate capsules can be used by looking for the red K-fee logo on the capsule packaging. The only exception are tea machines, which are not compatible because they are developed and programmed especially for the preparation of tea creations.