Caffe Latte

What's more pleasurable than an extra creamy caffè latte in the morning? When aromatic espresso made from the best beans unfolds its full aroma in delicious warm milk. Our Caffè Latte is the perfect start to the day and a popular quick indulgence during the day.


Details about this product


Roast and ground coffee



Whole-milk powder

Skimmed milk powder

Emulsifier soya lecithin

Latte Macchiato „Baklava“

1 portion in K-fee® glass    Temperature: hot       Properties: sweet, milt - with milk                    


  • 1 capsule (approx.100 ml) Milk + 1 capsule (approx. 50 ml) Caffé Latte
  • Approx. 2 cl honey and 1 tbsp. chopped pistachios as decoration
  • Whipped cream
  • Flaky pastry (or ready-made baklava)


  1. Add honey to the glass. Pour milk into the glass while stirring in honey.
  2. Add espresso. Cut flaky pastry into smaller pieces and add pistachios on milk froth to decorate.