Who doesn't love it? Cappuccino, with a unique creaminess so delicate and yet so enticing that you never want these moments of pure enjoyment to end. And you don't have to: Our cappuccino made from a select blend of the finest Arabia and Robusta beans is now there for the keeping as long as you wish. 

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Details about this product


Roast and ground coffee



Whole-milk powder

Skimmed milk powder

Emulsifier soya lecithin

Haselnuss Cappuccino

1 portion in K-fee® Latte Lungo glass    Temperature: hot        Properties: sweet, milky   


  • 2 capsules(100 ml) ESPRESTO Espresso + 1 capsule (50 ml) ESPRESTO Milk
  • 1-2 tbsps. hazelnut flavouring
  • Whipped cream or milk froth
  • Brittle


  1. Pour milk into cappuccino glass.
  2. Then pour Cappuccino capsule into the milk.
  3. Add the brittle to the milk froth or whipped cream to decorate.