Tea pleasure with K-fee

Enjoying life day by day: The fine quality of K-fee® tea creations makes this deliciously easy to do.

What good tea is made of

A gift of nature

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Tea plants are reported to have been used in China as a tonic as early as the beginning of the 3rd century B.C. From here, the plant struck root throughout the world, becoming a soothing elixir for many cultures, while in modern times, tea has become synonymous with enjoyment, wellness and vitality. To guarantee that you too associate these same qualities with our teas, we ensure that optimum conditions exist right from cultivation:

A tea plant grows best on a slope at temperatures of around 19°C. This optimum climate – with an average of four hours of sunlight per day and 1,600 litres of precipitation per year – is predominately found in tropical or subtropical mountainous regions. China and India in particular, but also Japan, Sri Lanka, Africa and Turkey are countries well-known for their successful tea production.

A brief history of tea

K-fee quality

Even today, tea is still often harvested by hand, and this usually by the rule "two leaves and a bud". This means that the bud and the two upper, young leaves are plucked.


This is immediately followed by processing in the production regions, which for black tea is broken down into the steps wilting, rolling, fermentation, drying and screening. Green tea is subjected to a similar process, but after wilting, its leaves are heated in iron pots or treated with steam to prevent fermentation.


Only very good tea leaf qualities, herbs and fruits inspected by our tea testers are then transported by ship to be composed for our K-fee® tea creations.


K-fee® experts taste several hundred cups of tea per day until the result is perfect. One of the challenges is to prepare a product that naturally varies in taste in such a way that it is uniquely recognizable and flawless in quality.

State-of-the-art technology

K-fee® capsule technology stands for maximum aroma extraction that inspires tea drinkers. Its extremely easy handling – and especially a preparation time much shorter than for conventional tea bags – allows you to fully enjoy the soothing power of our creations.

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