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K-fee Liquid-Cleaner-Set 3 x 500 ml
K-fee Liquid-Cleaner-Set 3 x 500 ml Bild 2



Bonus pack: K-fee liquid cleaner, value triple pack
•    Three 500 ml K-fee liquid cleaner packs
•    Special formula to suit the cleaning programmes on K-fee capsule machines
•    Concentrated, produces enough liquid for 15 cleaning cycles
•    Prevents stubborn dirt and build-up
•    Also suitable for cleaning individual, removable machine parts in a separate container (e.g. overnight)
•    For hassle-free enjoyment of your favourite K-fee drinks
•    Suitable for all K-fee system machines, including partners such as Aldi Süd EXPRESSI®
•    Forms a strong team with K-fee liquid descaler

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€1.67 / 100 ml
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Product information Liquid-Cleaner-Set
  • Causes skin irritation
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 The practical all-purpose liquid cleaner

Enjoy the taste of your favourite K-fee beverages pure and natural. A clean machine is the prerequisite for this. Therefore, every K-fee capsule machine has a cleaning function. To clean the inside of your coffee machine, just put a cleaning solution in the water tank and start the cleaning cycle. This prevents the formation of stains and hard deposits. The ideal cleaning fluid for this is the Liquid Cleaner from K-fee. The ingredients are adapted to the K-fee capsule machines (including partners such as Aldi Süd EXPRESSI®) and their cleaning cycle. Since the cleaner is already liquid, it does not have to be dissolved like powder or cleaning tablets, and no solid cleaner residues can remain in the machine. You can also use the liquid cleaner to clean the removable machine parts in a cleaning bath. Straightforward, fast and easy.

How the machine cleaning works

Please read your K-fee capsule machine’s manual for detailed instructions on the cleaning cycle. Many customers run the cleaning cycle 1-2 times per month. For each cleaning cycle you need 100 ml of the Liquid Cleaner and 400 ml of cold water. The bottle content is good for 5 cycles. Alternatively, you can also use the cleaning capsules, which are also available in the shop. Attention: If you use a water filter, it must be removed before cleaning.

Step by step machine cleaning

  • Add four times the amount of cold water (400 ml) into the water tank.
  • Check that there is no capsule in the brewing chamber and that the lever is closed.
  • Place a sufficiently large container under the outlet.
  • Switch on the appliance and rinse until the water tank is completely empty.
  • Remove the water tank and rinse thoroughly. Empty the collecting vessel.
  • Insert the water tank and rinse the machine with at least 1 litre of cold water.
  • Don't forget to empty the receptacle in time.

How to clean the individual parts

Your K-fee capsule machine has removable machine parts. See your manual to identify these parts. For cleaning them, pour approx. 200 - 300 ml of warm water and a cap-full of the liquid cleaner into a suitable container. Place the parts in the cleaning solution for at least 5 hours or overnight.

After that simply rinse all parts thoroughly under warm, running water.