New delights for connoisseurs

We are explorers and connoisseurs, pioneers and visionaries. We seek out the finest coffees for you with passion and insatiable curiosity. Our superlative, unique creations will invigorate you and all your senses. You can look forward to your very own moments of pleasure from Mr & Mrs Mill, unlike any you’ve had before.

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Are you discerning and are the origin and selection of your coffee important to you, as well as unique pleasure? Then Mr & Mrs Mill is tailor-made for you. In order to set new standards for your very own moments of pleasure, our coffee experts embark on the search for exquisite coffee varieties of especially high quality from the most important coffee-growing regions in the world.

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Why do we love our work so much? We immerse ourselves in thousand-year-old coffee cultures in order to study them, learn from them and reinterpret them. We are therefore specialists who know how to enhance our wealth of knowledge on this ancient craft, using innovative ideas to turn it into exquisite coffees. From the harvest, through processing to packaging – coffee is our passion. You can taste all of this, every day and with all of your senses.

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We continuously develop our expertise in coffee production and our knowledge of coffee and respond to the demands of new trends. A lot of care and attention goes into creating sophisticated and varied coffees for your very own inspiring moments of pleasure.


The stylish Wave model – this special edition by Mr & Mrs Mill is now available in a metallic rose-copper colour with matt black trim.


Find your Balance

Decaffeinated for calm, relaxed moments.

Don't Rush It

Make time for yourself and this mild, balanced lungo.

Discover Rwanda

Delicate floral notes and pleasant acidity from Rwanda.

Explore the world

Our complex lungo is velvety and cosmopolitan.

Feel the Passion

Its berry notes make this espresso a coveted must-have.

Enjoy Ethiopia

This espresso from Ethiopia boasts a fruity elegance.

Stay Classy

The unique flavour of filter coffee now in our capsules.

Trust Your Strength

If you love expressive, powerful moments, this is the espresso for you.

Share Honduras

Hints of chocolate and apricot combine to make this into a masterpiece.