This pleasure takes time

In these fast-moving times, we prioritise enjoyment over instant gratification and use slow roasting methods. Our coffee beans have the chance to reveal their unique character and bouquet thanks to our slow and incredibly gentle roasting process. You will taste the difference.

We love Smart Brew

Our Smart Brew method allows for the intense development of complex flavours. Like in a portafilter machine, the ground coffee is compressed under high pressure to create a fine, hazelnut-brown marbled crema that you’re sure to love.


Stay Classy

The unique flavour of filter coffee now in our capsules.

Trust Your Strength

If you love expressive, powerful moments, this is the espresso for you.


Delicate floral notes and pleasant acidity from Rwanda.


Our complex lungo is velvety and cosmopolitan.

Feel the Passion

Its berry notes make this espresso a coveted must-have.

Share Honduras

Hints of chocolate and apricot combine to make this into a masterpiece.

Find your Balance

Decaffeinated for calm, relaxed moments.


Make time for yourself and this mild, balanced lungo.

Enjoy Ethiopia

This espresso from Ethiopia boasts a fruity elegance.

A better world

We set new standards in quality, making decisions responsibly and with sustainability in mind. This is why we have joined the UTZ programme, the world’s largest sustainability program for coffee, cocoa and tea. We are working together with our partners towards a fair world in which resources are conserved through sustainable farming and coffee farmers and workers have fair conditions and long-term prospects.