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Water filter

The water filter cartridge for your K-fee capsule machine
•    One Claro Swiss water filter (type 140)
•    Suitable for the Wave, Preferenza, Empire, Twins, Square and Lattensia capsule machines
•    Turns tap water into pure water for coffee, tea and more
•    Prevents limescale deposits
•    Filters out many other substances that affect flavour and aroma
•    Retains essential minerals and fluorides
•    Fits inside the water tank
•    Programmable insertion and replacement date display
•    Made in Switzerland

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Good water is the basis for the best coffee and tea enjoyment Is your tap water of good... more
Product information Water filter

Good water is the basis for the best coffee and tea enjoyment

Is your tap water of good quality? Even if it is safe to drink, the taste of the water and therefore the taste of your coffee and tea can be compromised by lime, chlorine and particles – depending on your region and your house installation. The better the quality of the water, the enjoyment of your favourite K-fee beverages will be purer and more natural. This is why we recommend using our special, replaceable water filter for your K-fee capsule machine. It is top-quality and made in Switzerland.

How the K-fee water filter works

Just insert the water filter in the water tank. Once put in place, it will filter out lime as well as other taste- and smell-affecting substances from the water. The good ingredients of the water like essential minerals and fluorides will be preserved. Depending on the initial quality of your tap water the taste of your beverage made from K-fee capsules can significantly improve. The use of a water filter also enhances the performance of your K-fee machine, reduces the need for descaling and can increase the machine’s longevity. This is all made possible by organic filter material – no chemicals are being used.

How to use your K-fee water filter cartridge

For correct use see the manual of your K-fee capsule machine. There you also find information on how often you should replace the water filter. To remind you of the replacing date, the filter cartridge has a settable display that shows the installation or replacement date. Our tip: Many customers order more than one filter.

The water purifier is made for these capsule machines

The water filter Claro Swiss type 140 fits in the K-fee capsule machines Wave, Preferenza, Empire, Twins, Square and Lattensia plus Aldi Süd EXPRESSI® machines.

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