The cleaning basics

The enjoyment and care of your K-fee® machine go hand in hand. To guarantee you long-lasting pleasure in both, we have worked together with our partners to develop care products specially tailored to the needs of the specific machines. As a result, we offer exclusive products for gentle descaling, cleaning and care.


HOW DO I USE MY capsule machine CORRECT?

Tap water or mineral?

Water contains lime. When deposited as scale, it becomes a real nuisance and can damage devices like an espresso machine. The most obvious idea is to switch to mineral water in good faith that the problem will go away. Wrong! Even mineral water can have high lime content. Depending on its source and origin, some even contains more lime than tap water. The result: Your capsule machine has just as much scaling as before.

Try the hardness test

To find out how much lime is in your tap water, there is a simple hardness test you can do with a "titration set" from an aquarium retailer. Or you can inquire about the hardness of your tap water with your water supplier.

For pure enjoyment

The higher the water quality, the purer and more unadulterated the enjoyment Your K-fee® beverage variety. The claro SWISS water filter prevents scale build-up and also filters many additional taste and odour-affecting substances from the water, ensuring high quality. Minerals and fluorides important to health naturally remain intact. Furthermore, the use of a water filter improves the performance of your machine and extends its service life.

The water filter

Do not leave quality to chance.

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