General machine-related questions

How do I put my K-fee® machine into operation for the first time?

  1. Remove the machine, the water tank, the drip tray including the pan and the grid, as well as the capsule container from the box.
  2. Remove the protective foil from the drip grid, place the drip grid on the drip pan and place them along with the capsule container onto the drip tray. Slide these into the front of the machine.
  3. Fill the water tank to the mark with tap water and insert it into the machine.
  4. Insert the power plug and switch on the machine.
  5. The machine will now heat up and all three preparation buttons will flash green. As soon as the lower lamp lights up in blue, your K-fee® machine is ready to flush. Place a vessel under the spout and press the flush button. The flush operation will now start. After flushing, all 3 buttons will light up in green.
  6. Empty the flushing container and repeat the flush operation another three times. Now your K-fee® machine is 100% prepared.

Can I change the cup filling quantity?

The capsule machine is factory-set to a certain ml amount for small cups and one for large cups. You can change this setting as follows: Press the desired button for at least 3 seconds and hold down the button until the desired filling quantity has been reached.

> Small cup max. 100 ml

> Large cup max. 200 ml

This filling quantity is saved and remains stored even after you turn of the machine.

How much energy does the capsule machine consume when switched off with the power cable plugged in?

It depends based on the machine type. If the device is switched off but remains connected to the mains, the device (in this case the K-fee® Wave) consumes less than 0.5 watts .

Is the machine frost-proof?

Extreme temperatures may damage the capsule machine. For this reason, the device may only be used at temperatures between 10 and 45 °C and should be protected from frost. If the K-fee® capsule machine is transported at temperatures below freezing point, all water should be evaporated from the device beforehand. This will prevent residual water from freezing. You can find the instructions for evaporating the machine in the operating manual of your K-fee® capsule machine.

Product-specific topics

How do I prepare beverages of the category Espresso or Lungo?

Select a capsule from the diverse ESPRESTO range of products, open the lever and insert. Place a cup under the spout, if necessary remove the drip pan and move the grid to place a larger cup under the spout. Please refer to the packaging of the capsule you selected to find out which button must be pressed to start the brewing cycle.

How do I prepare beverages with milk - e.g. cappuccino or latte macchiato?

  1. Various beverages are prepared using a coffee capsule and an additional milk capsule.
  2. Open the lever and first insert the milk capsule. Place a cup under the spout, if necessary remove the drip pan and move the grid to place a larger cup under the spout.
  3. Please refer to the packaging of the capsule you selected to find out which button must be pressed to start the brewing cycle.
  4. Now open the lever and insert the coffee capsule, likewise selecting the recommended button to start the brewing process into the cup with the milk. Once the beverage is finished, open the lever to dispose of the capsule.

Capsule-related topics

Which capsules can I use in my K-fee® machine?

You can only use capsules from K-fee® in your K-fee® machine. The use of other capsules may result in damage to your K-fee® machine that is not covered by your warranty.

Do your milk capsules contain sugar?

Our milk capsules generally contain sugar to intensify the taste of the beverage. However, the sugar content varies from product to product. For this reason, we recommend that you refer to the product description prior to purchase.

Are there capsules without sugar?

The specialities (Chocolatte, Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino) from the ESPRESTO range contain sugar. The beverages from the "Espresso" and "Lungo" ranges contain no sugar. Please refer to the respect product description for more detailed information.

Do you also have lactose-free milk capsules?

Our product range does not currently include lactose-free milk capsules.

Will your product range include additional coffees and hot beverages in the future?

We are of course permanently creating new coffees and hot beverages for our capsule system. However, whether a certain product is ultimately offered for sale depends on many different factors. But your taste is very important to us! We are therefore happy to give you a very easy way to tell us about your desired product using the following contact field.

General cleaning-related topics

Is a regular cleaning necessary?

K-fee® recommends a regular cleaning. Especially frequently used capsule machines should be cleaned regularly to guarantee the sustained quality of the beverages.

What should I use to clean my K-fee® machine?

All cleaning products are permanently available for sale in our Online Shop. Our machines were tested with these products. For this reason, it is only for these products that we can guarantee that the functioning of your K-fee® machine will permanently remain at a high level. We recommend that you clean your K-fee® machine daily and to flush it after each beverage preparation. We recommend that you clean the machine with the aforementioned cleaners up to 3 x per month or as needed.

What should I use to descale my K-fee® machine?

Ideally, you should use the descaler offered by K-fee. We recommend that you descale your K-fee® machine approx. once per month. The frequency varies according to wader hardness. Never use vinegar or vinegar cleaner as a substitute for descaler, as it may attack the tubes and seals of the machine.

Do I have to descale my machine even if I use a water filter?

No descaling is required if you change your water filter regularly. Depending on the water quality, however, mineral deposits may form. We therefore recommend that you descale your machine with the K-fee® descaler once per year.

Can I clean the removable parts in my dishwasher?

We cannot recommend cleaning parts of the machine in the dishwasher, as hot water may result in deformations and discolouration.

Cleaning the machine housing, water tank, drip pan

You can wipe clean the housing of the K-fee® machine with a damp cloth as needed. The water tank and the drip pan are removable. That makes these parts very easy to wash. Never reach into the capsule shaft – risk of injury!

How do I insert the water filter into the water tank correctly?

The water filter is merely placed on; it does not lock into the tank. As a result, it is easy to move on the filter attachment. If the filter is slid on straight and up to the stop, it will function as desired.

Potential machine problems

Why is there sometimes a delay in the dispensing of beverages?

If there is a delay when a beverage is dispensed, your machine has to heat up again so that your coffee reaches the desired temperature. This occurs regularly when many coffees are brewed in sequence.

Why doesn't any more coffee come out of my machine even though I pressed a selection button?

This can happen if the water tank was completely emptied the last time a beverage was dispensed. In this case, the machine drew a little air along with the water. This air must then first be flushed out again without a capsule. Please fill the water tank and simply press any selection button a few times in succession. It is important that you do not insert a capsule in the meantime. After a few dispensing cycles, your machine will draw water again. Now you can insert and brew capsules as usual again.

Why do I have coffee grounds in my cup after the brewing cycle?

In exceptional cases, coffee grounds may escape from the capsule into the cup. If this happens to you, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the lever and dispose of leaky capsule
  2. Close the lever without the capsule
  3. Press the flush button Should you experience this problem frequently, please contact our Customer Service.

The capsule machine drips

After each brewing cycle, a number of drops may form from the residual liquid in the capsules. These may drip after the cycle. The drops are collected in the lower drip tray. To prevent dripping, dispose of the capsules immediately after use.

The operating noise of the machine changes after inserting the water filter.

When a new filter is inserted, the machine must first be flushed through several times. To do this, press the flushing button repeatedly to execute several flushing cycles until clear water emerges from the spout. Please ensure that there is no capsule in the machine. When inserting a new filter, it is possible for the operating noise of the machine to change during the first flushing cycles. This is normal and will no longer occur during normal operation.

Does liquid collect in the lower drip tray?

The capsules container is connected with the lower drip tray. Residual liquid from the capsules collects here. Please empty this tray regularly.

Liquid sometimes collects under my machine. Why?

We have frequently been asked this question and have therefore spent a long period of time to try to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. We considered hydraulic, design-related, but also human errors. We photographed the tests in our labs, which enabled us to determine that, in most of the flushing cycles, the lever was not closed. However, the testers were firmly convinced that they had closed it. After we drew the testers attention to this, thereby creating an awareness for the need to close the lever, no more puddles developed.

We therefore ask the following: Please always ensure that you close the lever with each dispensing cycle. That means not only when you brew a capsule, but also when you are only flushing.

Does the device shut itself off?

The device shuts off automatically when it is not used within 5 minutes. Please note that the device consumes power as long as it is connected to the mains (< 0.5 W).