Product Care


True coffee lovers need a capsule machine that delivers top performance time after time. This standard is met by every K-fee capsule machine. These coffee machines stand out for their long service life and high level of functionality. To ensure this, we employ high-quality materials and durable components.

Nevertheless, capsule machines that are used frequently should undergo regular cleaning to maintain coffee quality in the long term. Both the machine and the water tank need to be cleaned. In particular, descaling should be carried out on a regular basis, depending on the hardness of the water. Since there is no suitable all-purpose cleaner, we have developed a range of effective cleaning products for our capsule machines. Just as Italian coffee can instantly become an affordable everyday luxury in the form of a good espresso or a hot cappuccino thanks to coffee capsules, you can clean every K-fee capsule machine quickly and easily with a special cleaning capsule. This system cleans capsule machines even in places that are hard to reach. Flawless hygiene from the water tank to the brewing chamber of your capsule machine! We also provide liquid cleaner, descaler and water filters for the extensive care of your capsule machine.


Water contains lime. Limescale is unattractive on kitchen appliances and can even damage appliances like a good capsule machine. We often hear that our customers prepare coffee using mineral water to keep the capsule machine as free of limescale as possible. However, this is just a long-standing kitchen myth! Mineral water is not necessarily any purer than tap water. Depending on the source, mineral water may even contain more lime than tap water, in which case it would cause limescale to build up on your machine more quickly. The effect on your capsule machine would be the same as if you did not use a water filter. To determine the lime content, you can carry out a straightforward water hardness test using a titration set, available from any aquatics retailer. Information about the hardness of tap water is usually available from the local authorities.

If you prefer mineral water, use only still varieties (not sparkling). The best defence against lime is a water filter and regular descaling. You can then prepare your ESPRESTO or MR & MRS MILL coffee capsules using tap water without any concerns. Cleaning is a must. At K-fee, we are keen to help you clean your capsule machine with the least possible fuss so that you can treat yourself to an aromatic, soothing espresso at any time.