Elegance made of glass

Unique moments of pleasure deserve extraordinary accessories. That also includes this high-quality Favora glass set. The set is replete with qualities that make every moment perfect. With its hard-wearing double-walled
borosilicate glass, your choice for this set is for long-lasting quality that comes into its own in a particularly tasteful way on the two-tone melamine saucers. The shapely spoons with the embossed K-fee® logo
complete this harmonious set.

Espresso Glass-Set

Latte Glass-Set

Lungo Glass-Set

Tea Glass-Set

Espresso et aqua

Design is a statement of function, the spirit of the time, and quality. All this is embodied impressively by this richly contrasting competence set Espresso & Aqua. Look forward to the graceful interplay of the double-walled borosilicate glass with the tradition-steeped bone china porcelain, bringing each of your moments of enjoyment to perfection. The two-tone saucers are real eye-catchers made of hard-wearing melamine, a fine material also known for its high thermal resistance.


Porcelain variations

Elegance meets modernity: This precious Avora porcelain set reveals an aesthetic sensibility that celebrates even the shortest break in the most beautiful way. The double-walled bone china porcelain impresses with its advanced thermal function, while the saucer, also manufactured from fine porcelain, affords a harmonious overall appearance. This valuable set is rounded off to perfection by a high-quality spoon finely embossed with the K-fee® logo.

Espresso Porcelain-Set

Tea Porcelain-Set

Lungo Porcelain-Set

Brewed Porcelain-Set

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