K-fee® is pure pleasure

This is for all coffee lovers: With K-fee, you'll find your new favourites. We use great care and passion to create the best conditions for ensuring top quality.




What good coffee is made of

The power of nature

The coffee plant (Coffea) in itself is highly sensitive. People even refer to it as a "softy" or even a "diva". Coffea expects perfect temperatures – it feels the best between 20 C° and 25 C° and looks forward to being pampered by the sun, but only a few hours per day, please. The plant feels especially comfortable on sloping terrain, but the right dose of wind, soil acidity and precipitation is also important to ensure that it can thrive and yield abundant fruit.

Are you familiar with the coffee belt?

Because the coffee plant Coffea is highly selective, it especially prefers growing areas around the equator. This favoured region is also referred to as the coffee belt. It includes Central and South America, Central Africa, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The coffee belt gives the plants everything they need to grow healthy and to develop valuable aromatic compounds. K-fee® maintains good relations with experienced farmers and procures the best coffee from all of these regions. However, because the climate conditions are rarely constant, we examine year by year which areas provide the best conditions. This way we can always assure our customers outstanding crop quality.

K-fee-enjoment story...

A strong team

Arabica and Robusta

Even if all our coffees are refined: Arabica tops them all. Growing in mountainous regions at heights between 600 and 2,000 metres, their needs are much more extensive. The best coffees thrive between 1,300 and 1,800 metres. Due to this altitude and the cooler average annual temperature, their fruit – referred to as cherries – grows more slowly. And this very slowness is actually highly beneficial: It allows Arabica to develop its so wonderfully elegant aromas and fine acidity that coffee lovers treasure so highly. 

As the name implies, Robusta is less sensitive. It already ripens at an altitude of 300 metres, and its beans are smaller and rounder than Arabica beans. Moreover, its caffeine content is higher. For most coffee drivers, Arabica the uncontested number one in terms of pure taste. But all this enthusiasm aside, Robusta is not to be underestimated: when added to a blend, it lends the coffee intensity, a distinct flavour, and a fine cream. And when the quality of the beans is first-grade, pure Robusta coffee is a delicacy in no way inferior to Arabica. 

K-fee competence

After beautiful deep-red cherries are harvested by hand, new challenges await in the process chain leading to the finished product – challenges that K-fee® meets with utmost care.


In the bean-growing countries, the beans are separated from the fruit, then the thoroughly dried, green beans are shipped. Once they arrive in Germany, the roasting process begins. In this, K-fee® relies on optimum quality, roasting the beans in an especially gentle drum roasting process with a long tradition. What we all love so much about coffee happens here: Over 1,000 fine aromatic compounds are allowed to take their time to unfold and mingle together to create a great taste experience.


The experts at K-fee® must really love their job. After all, they have to taste several hundred cups of coffee every day until the result is perfect. One of the challenges is determine the right blend, temperature and roasting time to prepare a product that naturally varies in taste in such a way that it is recognizable and flawless in quality.

What a blend!

When different coffees – but usually Arabica and Robusta – are mixed together, the result is a blend. Coffee beans from different bean-producing regions and different degrees of roasting can also be used. For K-fee, blending is a true craft that requires a large amount of specialised knowledge and subtlety to create distinctive taste compositions.

All the blends we offer share an unmistakeable uniqueness. Intensive, spicy, nutty, fruity, fine, balanced, or mild delicacies await your pleasure.

Advanced capsule technology

Safely enclosed and ready to indulge you at the press of a button: Each K-fee® capsule contains taste perfection. And that in a variety that succeeds in satisfying every taste. With ultra-easy handling and state-of-the-art technology to seal in the aroma, you can enjoy this top quality day by day.

Exclusive bean variety

Ritmo Lungo

Acquaint yourself with the spicy character of Ritmo, whose fine woody and roasted notes bring out delicate taste accents, leaving behind a fine, lingering hint of orange blossoms.

Furioso Espresso

The finesse of cocoa notes, a satin, supremely full-bodied taste and rich aromas define our Furioso.

Passionato Espresso

Intensely passionate and with a delicate hint of dark chocolate, this distinctive espresso reveals highly pronounced roasted notes and an enticing bouquet of dark berry notes.

Decaffeinato Espresso

Top-quality Arabica beans from South American regions shape the taste of this decaffeinated, balanced blend that indulges the senses with a nuance of dark chocolate and intense notes of cassis and blackberry.

Belcanto Lungo

This unusual blend has a light character and receives its floral aroma and sweetness of papaya from gentle roasting of fine Arabica beans from Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

Ritmo Lungo

Furioso Espresso

Passionato Espresso

Decaffeinato Espresso

Belcanto Lungo